Strong Chinese reaction to plywood anti-dumping duties in the US

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The US International Trade Commission has issued a final ruling in the China hardwood plywood case confirming that, in their view, US plywood manufacturers have been materially injured by low-priced and subsidised imports of Chinese-made hardwood plywood.

The 4-0 ITC vote on 1 December paves the way for the imposition of duties on hardwood plywood shipped from China.

Chinese authorities have expressed strong dissatisfaction with the US decision and consider this in violation of WTO obligations and commitments.

The US decision, say China, will seriously hinder Chinese plywood exports to the US and damage the interests of Chinese enterprises. In 2016, US imports of hardwood plywood products from China were valued at an estimated US$1.12 billion.

It has been reported that the China National Forest Products Industry Association has indicated they are considering legal action.

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