StructureCraft starts manufacturing Dowel Laminated Timber in fall

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Canadian company StructureCraft announces that in fall of 2017, it will start manufacturing Dowel Laminated Timber (DLT). DLT is the only All Wood mass timber product in North America and will be produced in the new 50,000sqft facility in Abbotsford, British Columbia. The new plant will be designed and built with a variety of mass timber and engineered wood products, including DLT, LSL, NLT and Glulam.

The new StructureCraft plant has been designed as a demountable structure, with modular wall and roof panels. This shall give the company flexibility in its location but also allow to expand the facility easily in the future.

The building superstructure install commenced on Monday, April 17, and the entire building structure was installed by Friday, April 21, as StructureCraft annnounces. The company will move to the new building in August.

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