Välinge introduces improved powder technology

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The Swedish developer of flooring technology Välinge has introduced its second generation of the Nadura wood powder-technology that comprises of three powder layers. Balancing paper has been replaced by powder backing and the powder based surface layer comprises a high quality top layer and a more cost efficient sub layer. This solution improved the flexibility in the production and allowed deeper embossing with limited pressure in a very cost efficient way, Välinge announced on the company's website.

The first deliveries to end consumers will start in May 2012 in cooperation with Bjoorn – a Swedish flooring web shop owned by Välinge Invest. The production line in Viken has been extended with a powder backing station where a powder layer is scattered on the HDF core and stabilized. The panel is then turned such that the stabilized backing layer is on the rear side and a sub layer and a top layer are scattered on the core surface, stabilized and pressed.

Välinge also developed new scattering equipment that allows powder application with better production tolerances and lower powder content. Powder qualities have also been improved based on new resin formulations that provide lower material costs and pressing time. According to the Välinge release, aim was to reach a very competitive cost structure compared to similar paper based laminate floors, tiles and stones.

"We are pleased that Bjoorn will for the first time have a unique product range of Nadura floors that we will be able to sell to our web customers in Sweden. The range will be upgraded based on the market response that we receive during the next months",  said Tony Pervan, CEO of Bjoorn. Välinge will also start to deliver powder based products to some of its licensees in order to support test marketing.

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