80m wooden building to be build in Norway

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MjøstårnetMjøstårnet is the name of the next key project in timber construction. The over 80m high building arises in Norwegian Brumunddal. Arthur and Anders Buchardt of AB Invest AS and contractor HENT AS have entered into a turnkey contract to build Mjøstårnet in Brumunddal. This will be the world's tallest wooden building.

At the same time, HENT AS has entered into a contract with Moelven Limtre AS. The company in Moelv will be the turnkey subcontractor and will supply glulam, Kerto and cross laminated timber for the tower structure and swimming hall in the project.

MjøstårnetMjøstårnet's overall size will be around 15,000 m2, and will span 18 storeys and include apartments, a hotel, offices, a restaurant and associated common areas. The total height will be more than 80 metres. The value of the contract for HENT AS is around NOK 500 million ~ EUR 56 million), excluding VAT. For Moelven Limtre the contract with HENT AS is worth NOK 47 million (~ 5.3 million EUR)., excluding VAT.

Planning is well under way, and work at the building site will start on 1 April 2017.

Mjøstårnet“The main structure is based on glulam, with slab elements consisting of a combination of glulam and Kerto, and façades as wooden elements. This is a response to the "green shift," and proof that wood is a material that can compete with traditional solutions in high-rises too, enabling climate-friendly building as long as one has the right mindset,” says client Arthur Buchardt.

CEO Rune Abrahamsen of Moelven Limtre AS, Rune Abrahamsen explains that Mjøsparken will consist of glulam in columns, beams and diagonals, and cross laminated timber in elevator shafts and stairwells.

“The tallest building – the one we call Mjøstårnet – will have wood-based slab elements in the bottom ten storeys in the form of Moelven's Trä8 elements. Moelven Limtre will supply and install all wooden structures. Installation will take place from September 2017 and until April 2018. Sweco AS in Lillehammer is responsible for planning and design of the structure for Moelven Limtre. Ringsaker Takelementer is assembling the wood elements for Moelven Limtre AS,” Abrahamsen says

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