Brazil: Timber inspection at fixed checkpoint harming the forest sector

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Beginning July the Mato Grosso State Agriculture and Livestock Defense Institute (INDEA) launched its Timber Identification Office in the Cuiabá Industrial District.

Following this move it became compulsory for trucks transporting timber to go to this office where the timber will be inspected and certified. This service is charged at R$ 9.57 per cubic metre.

In an evaluation conducted after 30 days from the launch of the new regulation requiring inspection at a central location in the capital of Mato Grosso State, the Center for Timber Producers and Exporters of Mato Grosso State (CIPEM) reported several problems.

CIPEM has stated that the new system does not deliver any benefits to entrepreneurs, the forest sector or the environment. The evaluation by CIPEM found that trucks had to queue for up to three hours to be inspected.

In order to avoid disruption to businesses CIPEM is in favor of the previous roadside check points whereby if the transport documentation is in order trucks can proceed quickly and only trucks with a problem would be directed for further inspection.

The CIPEM survey found that the majority of cases involving irregularities were with timber trucks from other states and not from Mato Grosso. CIPEM also points out that trucks with illegal timber no longer face the risk of being detained as they can avoid the central inspection point.

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