Austria: Production Cutbacks in Wood Industry

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In Austria, business in the building construction ranges at the long-standing average. Production index in the underground construction is well below the previous year. How quickly, the Italian financial crisis and the associated austerity package will affect wood consumption is difficult to be estimated currently.

In recent weeks, the good supply of the Austrian sawmills with softwood logs has led to a high softwood lumber production. Some larger sawmill operators have announced production cutbacks over the holiday months, which should not negatively affect delivery of logs. The demand for softwood sawlogs is unusually high for the season. According to the demand conclusions for the third quarter showed a slight increase in prices. At the beginning of July, proceeds up to € 97/m³ could be generated for the leading assortment Spruce, grade B, diameter class 2b+.

In logs for mechanical pulp, paper and pulp industry are well supplied, but still receptive. North of the Alps prices were cut by about three euros in early July. Demand for fiber wood of all wood species remains high, prices are generally stable.

Stock building in fuelwood for the upcoming heating season is in full swing, it sometimes leads to delays in delivery.

All quoted prices are for the period beginning of July 2011. All prices are net prices.

Lumber prices according to Wiener Warenbörse and ProHolz Styria

Softwood Lumber Spruce/Fir Jun. '10 May '11 Jun. '11 Change Jun. '10 to '11
€ / m³ EXW
Edged Boards, 0-IIIa, 23 mm+ 228-237 232-242 232-242 (+4) + (+5)
Rough Boards in fixed dimensions 18-22 mm 232-239 233-240 232-240 (-) - (+1)
Squared Timber, standard dimension,  I/II, 4-6 m 188-197 199-206 199-207 (+11) - (+10)
Reserve Squared Timber, class II/III 137-146 146-152 145-152 (+8) - (+6)
Boards, III-IV, 8-16 cm, 4-6 m 131-136 140-146 139-146 (+8) - (+10)
Boards, III-IV, 8-16 cm, just 4 m 134-139 141-147 141-147 (+7) - (+8)
Boards, III/IV, 23 mm, 4-6 m 131-138 142-148 141-147 (+10) - (+9)
Boards III/IV,  28 mm+,  3-6 m 139-147 147-154 146-154 (+7) - (+7)

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