Radiate Pine, Eucalyptus, Eukalyptus

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Marke Radiate Pine, Eucalyptus
Holzart Europäisches Laubholz
Holzart Eukalyptus


Volumen 4000 m3 pro Monat
Balkenstärke 38-120 mm
Balkenlänge 1200-6000 mm
Beschreibung Add me on Whatsapp / Wechat for more information, please. We are the manufacturer and trading company of Film Faced Plywood, Commercial Plywood, Fancy Plywood / MDF, Melamine Plywood / MDF, MDF Slotted Board, HDF Door Skin and Sliced ​​Veneer in China. We have customers and agents in Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia, Mexico and USA More than 10 years export experience, we know the materials cost well in China, we also know the above markets well. Our own factory is in Zhejiang Province. besides, we have invested 6 wood products factories in Shandong Province 1. Length (mm):. 2450mm, 3000mm, 3900mm, 4000mm, 6000mm, up to 1200mm 2. Width (mm): 225mm, 230mm, 235mm, 340mm 3. Thickness (mm): 38mm, 39mm, 40mm, 42mm up to 120mm 4. Material: imported radiate pine and massion pine (china local pine) 5. Glue: WBP (Melamine, Phenolic) 6. Grade: A / B, A / B 7. Density: 560kg --- 620kg / m3 8. Standard: osha, bs, as / nzs4357 9. Packing: inside pallets is wraped with polyester file, and outside would be packed by the carton 10. Usage: construction and structure of house - Translated with google

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