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JSC “REDAL” is engaged in international trade market of eco-fuel and wood products. The products we sell - wood pellets, briquettes and firewood. Mainly we export production to Italy, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, The Netherlands and other European Union countries markets. Well developed system of co-operation with wood processors provides the company high level of experience and competence what gives an opportunity quickly and efficiently meet not only large but also small orders to all ES countries. From the very first days of work the company is organized according to the constantly changing Lithuanian wood industry, the European and world markets and their standards. Our success - easy and reliable partnership assurance, business based on mutual trust and tradition values, work with customers by using customer service standard. We will be happy to be able to successfully work together with you. Please contact our sales managers and they will offer you the best option. Your Trusted Eco Fuel Provider -

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  • Firewood,
  • Wood pellets,
  • Wood briquets



  • Firewood - Wood Residues
    • Firewood Cleaved - Not Cleaved
      • Firewood/Woodlogs Cleaved
      • Firewood/Woodlogs Not Cleaved
    • Pellets - Briquets - Charcoal
      • Wood Briquets
      • Wood Pellets
      • Sunflower Husk Pellets


  • European hardwood
    • Alder (European Grey Alder) - Alnus Incana
    • Alder (European Common Alder, Black Alder) - Alnus Glutinosa
    • Ash (White)
    • Ash (White)(Europe)
    • Ash (Brown)
    • Birch (Europe)
    • Oak (American Red - Origin: Europe)
    • Oak (European)
    • Oak (Turkey oak, mosscup oak, quercus cerris)
  • European softwood (excluding Scandinavian - Baltic - Russian)
    • Fir/Spruce/Pine
    • Fir/Spruce
    • Spruce (Picea abies) - Whitewood
    • Spruce/Pine
    • Pine (Pinus sylvestris) - Redwood