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  • Forestry January 31, 2001 00:00

    B.C. forests minister calls stumpage managementmeeting

    A meeting with the coastal forest industry will be called to address new concerns about stumpage management, Forests Minister Gordon Wilson announced today. Wilson also outlined actions taken by the Ministry of Forests to deal with stumpage management concerns over the past three months. To read this article online, go to the URL below.... [more...]
  • January 31, 2001 00:00

    Niger bans hunting

    Worried about its wildlife population, the west African state puts a halt to hunting. Find the complete report on BBCs webpages at the URL below.... [more...]
  • Forestry January 31, 2001 00:00

    Year-End Report 2000 from SCA

    Are you interested in the Year-End Report 2000 from SCA. Then have a look at the slide presentation you will find in the attachement.... [more...]
  • January 30, 2001 00:00

    World’s leading private forestry researchers will meet in Finland

    Forestry in Europe is largely based on private forestry and its profitability. The profitability of private forestry is a crucial factor for the development of rural areas. Although sustainable forest management has been the number one topic of discussion among scientists and professionals working in the field of forestry, the main emphasis so far has been in the ecological aspects of sustainabili... [more...]
  • January 30, 2001 00:00


    Britain's forests and woodlands directly provide 29,500 jobs in the forestry and primary wood-processing industries such as sawmilling, a new government survey has found. The figures are published in the Forestry Commission's latest Forest Employment Survey, and reveal that there are about 11,200 full-time equivalent jobs in wood processing, 5900 in forest establishment and maintenance, 5800 in... [more...]
  • January 30, 2001 00:00

    RESEARCH: UC researchers announce results that could complicate measures to halt spread of Sudden Oak Death

    A common nursery plant may lead to increased complications and possible new management practices in the fight to halt Sudden Oak Death, a highly contagious fungal disease that is killing California oak trees, University of California researchers announced today (Wednesday, Jan. 10). In a breakthrough in the study of the disease, UC researchers discovered that the rhododendron, a popular or... [more...]
  • Forestry January 30, 2001 00:00

    Mozambique hit by new floods

    Heavy rains falling in central Mozambique since last week have left five people dead and thousands homeless. Find the complete report on BBCs webpages at the URL below.... [more...]
  • Forestry January 30, 2001 00:00

    Mbeki upbeat on Congo peace planl

    President Mbeki of South Africa says he believes an agreement to hold a summit on the civil war in DR Congo could be reached soon. Find the complete report on BBCs webpages at the URL below.... [more...]
  • January 27, 2001 00:00

    Tropical Timber Market Report 1st - 15th January 2001

    Some fear Brazilian mills have insufficient log stocks for rain season. The Malaysian Government relaxes ban on Rubberwood sawnwood exports. Japanese Government welcomes weak yen as it benefits exporters who have propped up the economy in last two years. Korean economic indicators show a worsening situation for three consecutive. Korean importers reluctant to commit to log purchases, w... [more...]
  • January 26, 2001 00:00

    TietoEnator supplies integrated system for paper sales and mill wide operations to the Haindl Group

    The Haindl Group and TietoEnator Corporation have signed a Letter of Intent concerning the implementation of integrated manufacturing execution systems for all six Haindl production sites, corporate level sales and controlling systems. At the same time the parties have signed, as the first concrete step, a delivery contract covering the definition of the systems. The first Haindl mill site is plan... [more...]
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