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QINGDAO CHAMP Woodworking Machinery Co.Ltd

Chenzi industry, chengyang , 266109 Qingdao
Shandong (山东),
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QINGDAO CHAMP Woodworking Machinery Co.Ltd set up in 2004 and its factory is more than ten thousand square meters. Complete set of precise processing equipments and test devices have been equipped. We have established the procession of professional engineers and technicians. At present, we are the biggest manufacturer in the field of woodworking machinery shapers and assembler in domestic market. After continuous development and accumulation experience for a long history, QINGDAO CHAMP is famous for various kinds of woodworking machines , membrane vacuum press series,macromolecule door shapping series,universal cladding series ,engraving machine series ,edge bander series , band saw series and planer series etc. In particular, it is well-known of humanity products

Industry Specific Information



  • Machinery, Hardware And Chemicals
    • Woodworking Machinery
      • Fingerjointing Machine
        • Fingerjointing Machine
      • Gluing equipment
        • Board Gluing Machine
        • Vertical Edge Joint Gluing Machine
        • Glue Spreader
        • Gluing Lippings and Edge Strips
      • Veneer production machines - Veneer processing
        • Veneer Splicers
        • Veneer Ironing Press
      • Clamping machines
        • Carcase Clamps
        • Frame Clamps
      • Postforming machines
        • Postforming Machine
      • Pellet Press
        • Briquetting Press
        • Pellet Press
      • Presses
        • Finger Jointing Gluing Press
        • Plywood Press for Flat Surfaces
        • Hand Fed Veneering Presses for Flat Surfaces
        • Foil Roll-On Lines
        • Glulam Press
        • Plywood Press for Contoured Surfaces and Mouldings
        • Laminated Wood Press
        • Fiber or Particle Board Presses
        • Membrane Press System
        • Automatically Fed Press for Veneering Flat Surfaces
        • High Frequency Gluing Press
        • Press for Surface Finishing


  • European hardwood
    • Elm
  • Latin American tropical wood
    • Roble Morado (Chilean Oak, South-American Oak)
  • Other materials
    • Plastic, PVC, etc…