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  • Wood energy
  • April 24, 2015 15:02

AEK AG will build a pellet drying plant in Balsthal

The Swiss manufacturer of wood pellets pellets AEK AG, a subsidiary of the energy provider AEK energy, started the construction of a pellet drying plant ... [more...]

  • Forestry
  • April 24, 2015 14:28

Challenges of VPA implementation

In March, FLEGT Week was held in Brussels, an event which attracted over 300 invited delegates representing a wide spectrum of interests including private sector, governments and civil society from about 40 timber producing and consuming countries. Recognition of the scope of the FLEGT process and the progress made was tempered during FLEGT Week with concerns over the significant challenges of finalising TLAS procedures and securing market benefits... [more...]

  • Forestry
  • April 24, 2015 11:08

West Fraser reports first quarter results

West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. reported earnings of CA$49 million or on sales of CA$1,014 million in the first quarter of 2015. In the quarter the company's lumber operations generated operating earnings of ...... [more...]

  • Wood energy
  • April 24, 2015 10:01

Metsä orders technology from Valmet for Äänekoski bioproduct mill

Valmet and Metsä Fibre have signed the agreement for the supply of key technology to Metsä Fibre`s new Äänekoski bioproduct mill in Finland. Valmet delivery includes recovery boiler, pulp drying line, gasification plant, lime kiln and a mill wide Valmet DNA automation system. The estimated value of Valmet`s delivery, which includes only the core equipment supplied by Valmet, is about EUR 125-150 million... [more...]

Market Prices
  • Market Prices
  • April 24, 2015 09:16

Price of wood pellets in Austria drops sharply

At the end of the heating season the price of ENplusA1 wood pellets in Austria has declined considerably after one year of relative stability. In April the average price stands at... [more...]

  • Forestry
  • April 24, 2015 08:30

Wood fiber costs in Western US increased substantially

Pulp mills in the US South continued to have stable wood fiber prices in the 1Q/15 at levels lower than any other region in the country. The dramatic increase in chip prices in the Northwest during 2014 started to level off early in 2015, while tight fiber supply in both the Lake State region and in the Northeast resulted in upward price pressure...... [more...]

  • Sawmilling
  • April 23, 2015 18:47

International Wood Construction Forum (FBC): a brilliant 5th edition!

1,090 participants, 110 exhibitors, a hundred lecturers, several simultaneous exhibitions pertaining to wood, 600 full pages of Acts given to participants upon arrival, a new and well-­‐adapted setting easily accessible for those arriving from abroad (Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland), a wooden arch erected upon the square, idyllic weather… a convivial atmosphere at Nancy!... [more...]

  • Panels
  • April 23, 2015 16:04

UPM expands plywood production at Otepää mill

UPM announced the expansion of its Otepää plywood mill in Estonia. The expansion will bring the mill’s production to almost double...... [more...]

  • Forestry
  • April 23, 2015 13:47

Wood consumption in Finland stable

The Finnish forest sector consumed 63.9 million m3 of wood in 2014. Therefore, timber consumption volume remained unchanged against 2013, but it increased by 6% in comparison with ... [more...]

  • Forestry
  • April 23, 2015 13:01

At LIGNA 2015, forestry technology exhibits more international and diverse than ever before

LIGNA 2015, which runs from 11 to 15 May, will feature a forestry and forestry technology program that is more diverse and international than ever before. Among much else, the fair will showcase all key timber harvesting and wood-based energy technologies. This year’s fair also stands out in terms of the many companies that will be exhibiting for the first time. These include Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH, Grube KG Forstgerätestelle, HolzWert GmbH & Co. KG and Hase Safety Workwear GmbH from Germany, Norwood Industries Inc. from Canada, Peterson Pacific Corp. from the USA, Smartec S.r.l. from Italy, Pilous-Pásové Pily from the Czech Republic, FOREST TRACT S.A.R.L. from France and P.P.H.U. Tex-Star from Poland... [more...]

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special report
FORDAQ organizes new online auction of woodworking machinery

FORDAQ organizes new online auction of woodworking machinery

FORDAQ is organizing five new auction sales next month. From woodworking machines, such as sawing or moulding machines, to full painting lines and other products, our next auctions will be organized in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. The starting date will be May 5th and ending date on May 19th.... [ more...]

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