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 LUMBA HolzhandelsgmbH

(Österreich, Eidenberg )
  • 1-5 Angestellte
  • Tätigkeiten :
    Holzagentur - Holzhandel

 WIEHAG Timber Construction

(Österreich, Altheim)
  • 201-500 Angestellte
  • Tätigkeiten :
    Keilzinkung, verleimtes Holz
    • PEFC
    • ISO (9000 oder 14001)
WIEHAG Timber Construction with its 150 years’ experience is one of the leading European suppliers in the field of wide-span load-bearing systems and entire roofs made out of timber. Glued laminated timber, roofing elements, formwork, multilayer boards and acoustic elements are further competences of the Austrian company. WIEHAG provides its customers with one-stop solutions: engineering, production, logistics and assembly. Consequently, WIEHAG has designed and erected many of the largest and most interesting timber buildings in Europe, including the New Trade Fair in Karlsruhe, Speed Skating Hall in Erfurt, County Hall in Limerick, Elm Park in Dublin, Stadium Park Pool Sunderland and the VIP Hangar at Vienna International Airport.

 Pfeifer Timber GmbH

(Österreich, Imst)
  • 1000+ Angestellte
  • Tätigkeiten :
    • PEFC
    • FSC
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